PLAYTIME – Collaborations with artists/designer

ARTPLUS hopes to provide a sustainable platform to expand and explore the possibilities of art and design. We believe every creative graduate and freelance artist/designer is eager to experiment during their creative tender years, we hope to work with passionate individuals and to collaborate with more open-minded corporations and industries.

ARTMUSE – Interaction with the public

ARTPLUS aims to interact with the public through in-house art courses as well as external attachments to enhance the appreciation and experience of artistic endeavours. Moreover, we believe that teaching artistic techniques should always be supplemented with a wider understanding of context and history.

ISUPPORT – Working with corporations

ARTPLUS hopes to inspire more corporations to interact and support the arts. This includes the provision of gallery space, incubator projects for fresh artists, artistic programs for staffs, etc.  We also hope to introduce Art and Design concepts to corporations to encourage them to work out their problems creativity.

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